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Town and Country Planning

Date :8th Mar, 2013
Physical Planning Department

The Town and Country Planning Department and Parks and Garden have been merge to form the Physical planning Department as one of the departments and have been integrated into the Assembly under the L.I. 1961.


Ã"  Collection, collating and analysis of data on the natural and human resources of the Metropolis, and the production of reports thereon.

Ã"  Identification of resources and potentials for commercial, industrial, housing, transport and other development and designing appropriate programme of action to tap them.

Ã"  Coordination of diverse types of uses and developments of land promoted by various departments and agencies of Government and private developers to facilitate the achievement of the highest possible means of health efficiency and order in the physical environment.

Ã"  Preparation of Detailed Planning Schemes in conformity with the Metropolitan Structure Plan; provision of detailed design of sub-urban centres in the metropolis; and other areas.

Ã"  The Department is also represented at all levels on many committees of the Metropolitan Assembly, such as Site and Service Committee, Works and Development Planning Sub- Committees of the Assembly amongst others as well as Departments at the National level.

Ã"  The Department is also the Secretariat of the Accra Metropolitan Planning Committee

The Town and Country Planning Department is one of the decentralized departments and has been integrated into the Assembly.

Existing Structure
The activities of the Department are currently organized under seven sections namely:
â"¢    General Planning Administration:
â"¢    Development and Redevelopment Planning:
â"¢    Development Control:
â"¢    Land Surveying:
â"¢    Research:
â"¢    Public Education:

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