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I-DIEM to establish Global Outreach Centre in Accra for Climate Change Education


An eight-member delegation from the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM) has called on the Mayor of Accra to discuss the establishment of a global outreach centre in Accra to educate communities and raise awareness about climate change impacts.

The delegation led by Chauncia Willis, Co-Founder and CEO of I-DIEM, comprises Adam Thiel, Chief Fire Officer for the City of Philadelphia in the US, Joel Thomas, Antoine Richards and Maurice L. Johnson. 

Speaking during the meeting, Chauncia Willis said the purpose of their visit was to among other things identify projects to partner with in the areas of fire and police services as well as emergency management.

"We are hoping that we will spend much time not only working on programmes to provide education and services but also looking for projects to partner with in the areas of fire and police services as well as emergency management, " she said. 

"Our hearts are with the underserved and sourced communities and this is the same work we do in America, we advise Congress, Senate and the presidency to educate and ensure that under-served communities are prepared to experience the impact of climate change to make them more resilience and we are looking forward in establishing global outreach centre here in Accra to educate residents on climate-related issues and how to mitigate its effects, " she added. 

Adam K. Thiel, Advisory Board Chairman of I-DIEM, and Commissioner of the Philadelphia Fire Department emphasised that the centre aimed to serve as a hub for disseminating information, conducting workshops, and fostering discussions on emergency management strategies in the face of climate change challenges stressing the importance of inclusivity and diversity in emergency planning and response.

Mayor of Accra, Hon. Elizabeth Sackey who welcomed the delegation expressed enthusiasm for the proposed project, recognising the critical role that cities like Accra play in addressing the global climate crisis.

She said the Assembly was collaborating with various organisations, and stakeholders to build resilience and adapt to the changing climate and was hopeful the centre when established would go a long way to help build a more resilient and informed society capable of addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change.

I-DIEM is a global non-profit organisation established to facilitate change by integrating equity into all aspects of emergency management. Its focus is on humanity and our vision supports the empowerment of marginalized communities within all phases of the disaster management cycle.

The mission of I-DIEM is to serve as a resource and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in Emergency Management.

The Institute leads efforts to increase the representation of women and people of colour in the field of emergency management, including in positions of leadership, through awareness, training, and education.  Management practices to improve outcomes and build resilience.