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AMA launches 125th anniversary celebration; unveils logo


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has launched its quasquicentennial celebration in Accra with the unveiling of an anniversary logo that embodies its storied legacy and progressive vision for the future.

The 125th anniversary celebration which will be climaxed in November is on the theme: “125 Years of Local Governance: Strengthening Community Resilience and Sustainable Development of the City of Accra."

Featured activities for the celebration include a symposium, clean-up campaigns, fundraising dinner, health screening, sports festival, business summit, float, food fair, and health walk among others, is to reflect the city's cosmopolitan nature and celebrate a milestone in the city's history.

The first female Mayor after 123 years, Hon Elizabeth Sackey, in an address said the theme was purposely carved to champion the essence of building resilient cities while reminding the Assembly of the goods and services that must be delivered.

She said efforts at addressing challenges in the city had undergone remarkable years of struggles, thoughts and hard work in planning and execution adding that the “overriding essence, is to build a city more resilient and in summary SMART."

"Over the past 125 years of existence, this cardinal objective has remained at the forefront of our planning and design of programmes and projects including working together with communities to fulfil the dream of a SMART City," she said.

She said Accra had been at the forefront of embracing environmentally-friendly practices that protect the planet for future generations and that the AMA had revolutionized waste management, and was implementing innovative solutions to reduce pollution and promote recycling.

She indicated that there was work to be done adding that the AMA would continue its journey towards sustainable development, in nurturing a resilient, inclusive, and environmentally conscious city.

She used the opportunity to appreciate the tireless efforts of her predecessors, the dedicated public servants, and citizens who contributed to shaping the city's destiny and called on all and sundry to be active participants in the governance of the city, to achieve greater heights.

"As we celebrate this 125 years of local governance in Accra, let us not forget the efforts of those who have come before us. The visionary leaders, dedicated public servants, and resilient citizens who have shaped our city's destiny. Their commitment and sacrifices have laid the foundation for the vibrant and prosperous Accra we see today," she said.

Chairman of the occasion, Nii Ahene Nunoo II, Abola Mantse in a remark reminded all Ghanaians of the purpose for the AMA's establishment and urged all and sundry to be abreast with the rules and regulations of the Assembly.

He said a good environment promotes good health and stressed the need to protect the environment to transform communities by reducing, reusing and recycling refuse to conserve natural resources and landfill space.

"Our buildings should not be scattered, do not build on waterways, pathways and other public spaces. Payment of property rates should be accurate to sustain our jurisdiction. I hope, with this much education, we shall get there one day. At this point, I wholeheartedly accept the chairmanship," he said.

Mr Teiko Tagoe, Chairman of the AMA 125th  Anniversary Celebration Committee and former Executive Director of the Ga Mashie Development Authority (GAMADA) said the AMA since its establishment during the colonial period had become a dynamic and diverse metropolis, shaped by its historical heritage and continued urban development.

He disclosed that the AMA which used to be the Accra Town Council was officially established under the Town Council Ordinance of 1894 in 1898 adding that Accra was declared a city under the Local Government Act No. 54 of 1961 replacing the Municipal Council the Accra City Council.

He said in 1989, the PNDC transitioned the Accra City Council to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).