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Apostolic Church-Ghana honours AMA Transport Officer


An appreciation service has been held in honour of Mr. Emmanuel Appiah, Transport Officer at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), for his sterling leadership over the past decade as a member of the Apostolic Church-Ghana, Manhean, and Covenant Assemblies in Osu. 

Mr. Appiah, a dedicated leader within the church since his ordination as an Elder in September 2008, has served two terms from January 2009 to 2010 and from 2019 to 2022.

His tenure has been characterised by active involvement in church activities, such as organising insurance for members, coordinating cleaning efforts, arranging chairs in the auditorium, and ensuring transportation for congregants. 

A citation, signed by Pastor Joseph Akorful, District Pastor of Osu, and Elder Richmond Quao, Presiding Elder of Manhean and Covenant Assembly, and presented to Mr. Appiah, recognised his tireless dedication and compassionate leadership.

In an interview following the ceremony held at the Apostolic Church, Manhean Assembly in Osu, Mr Appiah expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the church for the honour and reminisced about his past experiences and memories in the church, recalling his six years of service as an Elder, during which he engaged in various supportive activities such as cleaning, teaching, and organising group meetings for the welfare of the church.

Mr Appiah appealed to the church members, particularly the youth, to remain devoted and committed to the things of God, emphasising the importance of humility in serving God’s purposes. 

He also acknowledged the support of his colleagues during his tenure as Presiding Elder and pledged his continued commitment to the church’s growth.

Mr. Appiah, who is currently serving as the District Men's Movement Leader, noted that his work was voluntary and ongoing and encouraged the youth to serve God wholeheartedly, without waiting for instruction or provocation, underscoring the fulfilment that comes from voluntary dedication to God's work.