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Accra ties knot with Guadalajara to promote cultural and commercial development


The city of Accra has signed a sister city agreement with Guadalajara the capital of the state of Jalisco in western Mexico to promote cultural and commercial ties.

The agreement was signed on Wednesday, 26 April 2023 at a brief ceremony held at the Accra City Hall. 

In a remark during the signing ceremony, the Mayor of Accra, Hon Elizabeth K. T Sackey, said the friendship between the two cities was the beginning of the collaboration in the areas of arts, culture, tourism, trade, and investment, education and a testament to the bilateral cooperation that had existed for years between Ghana and Mexico. 

She was hopeful that Guadalajara and Accra would embark on impactful projects to the benefit of its residents. 

"I must admit, Guadalajara and Accra do not only experience lovely sunshine but are also very hospitable cities and since Accra won the title to host this great programme, the two cities have been nurturing a friendship which is being culminated in the signing of a sister city agreement today, " she said.  

Mrs. Lilian Rizk Rodrigues, Director of International Relations and Migrant Attention at the Municipality of Guadalajara, who witnessed for her city described the union as historic feet for the two cities citing the agreement as the first of its kind to be signed with an African city. 

According to her, the decision to enter into a sister city agreement with Accra emanated from the common love of books, adding that the relationship would open a door to close connections full of shared activities in the areas of culture, education, tourism, commerce and technology.

"We are very excited about the world of possibilities that opens with the signing of this twinning agreement, which we are convinced will translate into multiple benefits for the inhabitants of both cities and will be an example to the international community of universal fraternity... We are making history and we should be proud of it...Let me reiterate that in Guadalajara you all have and will have open arms and can count on us at all times, " she said.  

The Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Mexico in Ghana, Arturo Salazar expressed gratitude to the Mayor of Accra for making the twinning agreement a success assuring that it would go a long way to foster unity and bring development between the city of Accra. 

Guadalajara with a population of 5 million people is the second largest city in Mexico, located in the north of the American Continent and the birthplace of important cultural manifestations in Mexico such as Mariachi folk music, the liquor called tequila and the Mexican national sport: charrería.