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AMA takes delivery of new equipment to improve waste collection in Accra


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has received two skip trucks and four skip containers to improve communal waste management in low-income communities.

The new equipment was handed over to the Waste Management Department of the AMA by the Mayor of Accra, Hon. Elizabeth Sackey, at the forecourt of the City Hall as part of the Greater Accra Sustainable Sanitation and Livelihood Improvement Project (GASSLIP), a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, funded by the African Development Bank.

The Mayor of Accra, Hon. Elizabeth Sackey, in a brief address, emphasised the significance of the equipment in enhancing the city's waste management efforts, particularly in underserved areas.

"This initiative is a crucial step towards addressing the waste management challenges we face in Accra. It will not only improve the cleanliness of our communities but also boost the overall health and wellbeing of our residents." She said.

"With these new trucks and containers, we can significantly increase our capacity to manage waste more efficiently and effectively, especially during communal clean-up exercises, " she added. 

In an interview, the Director of Waste Management at the AMA, Engineer Solomon Noi highlighted the importance of the skip trucks and containers, stressing that it would significantly improve the assembly’s efforts to manage communal waste, especially in low-income areas. 

He said the new equipment would help to address logistical constraints that have hindered clean-up activities, particularly in rural communities, adding that the equipment would enable the AMA to serve more communities simultaneously. 

"With the ability to fabricate additional containers, we can now cover four more electoral areas during clean-ups. This means we can place containers in multiple locations and have the trucks service them efficiently, ensuring a cleaner environment without delays," he said. 

He highlighted the need for regular maintenance and proper use of the equipment, fuel allocation, and preventing overloading, which could cause rapid wear and tear on the trucks. 

Mr Noi added that he was working to provide training for operators and drivers of the newly acquired trucks on their proper use and maintenance, with guidance from the manufacturers.

Present at the handing over ceremony was the Ghana Football Association President, Kurt Okraku who had earlier called on the Mayor of Accra at the city hall.